Our Research

We are established experts in the scientific research community holding PhD degrees in machine learning related fields, and having more than 15 years of research experience in state-of-the-art high-end technological research and development projects, with numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, international conferences and book chapters.

Our research has focused on several areas such as automatic speech recognition, human action/activity recognition and multimodal gesture, multiple sensors’ and modalities’ fusion, natural language processing, object recognition and sign language modeling and recognition. We have also strong a interest in HRI, assistive and biomedical interdisciplinary applications.

We have accumulated rich experience in research and innovation projects, having participated in 7 National, 6 FP6/7 and 3 H2020 EU funded projects.

Next, follows a  list of selected recent projects that Deeplab members have participated:

  1. MOBOT: Intelligent Active MObility Assistance RoBOT integrating Multimodal Sensory Processing, Proactive Autonomy and Adaptive Interaction", European Union FP7: Specific Targeted Research-Innovation Project (STREP), 2013-2016. [ V. Pitsikalis while at cvsp.cs.ntua.gr ]
  2. MMGest: “Multimodal Gesture Recognition for Paraplegics”, Onassis Foundation, 2014-2016.
  3. I-SUPPORT: “A service robotics system for bathing tasks”, Sponsor: European Union Horizon 2020, 2015-2017. [ V. Pitsikalis while at cvsp.cs.ntua.gr ]
  4. BabyRobot: “Child-Robot Communication and Collaboration", European Union Horizon 2020 (Research and Innovation Action), 2016-2018. [ N. Katsamanis, V. Pitsikalis while at cvsp.cs.ntua.gr ]
  5. DIRHA: Distant-Speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications", European Union FP7: Specific Targeted Research-Innovation Project (STREP). [ N. Katsamanis while at cvsp.cs.ntua.gr ]
  6. Dicta-Sign: “Sign Language Recognition, Generation and Modeling with Application in Deaf Communication" European Union: FP7, Specific Targeted Research-Innovation Project. [ S. Theodorakis, V. Pitsikalis while at cvsp.cs.ntua.gr ]