Job Openings

DeepLab is a software company  working on custom machine learning solutions for enterprises applying state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technologies. It consists of a group of visionary enthusiasts engineers holding a PhD in machine learning with more than 10 years of research and working experience. Specifically, we design and develop solutions employing machine learning and up to now we have worked in a broad spectrum of problems such as 1)  recommendation systems,  by incorporating multiple modalities such as image, text, and other diverse inputs, 2) anomaly detection in fraud detection, 3) visual objects’ relations recognition and explainable AI/ML, as well as, 4) bioinformatics fields such as virtual screening for drug discovery, single cell multi-omics, all related to the state- of-the-art of deep learning.

Concurrently to the above, we are making a big leap forward. We take new challenges and create new interdisciplinary teams. We are mixing groundbreaking Machine Learning/Deep Learning with neural signals and brain computer interfaces to create new immersive R&D, invent novel applications while facing fundamental research challenges and problems. For these exciting novel projects we seek outstanding candidates and once again we re-open  and expand our job positions, especially at the mid- and senior levels. This is a call for all experienced individuals to join us in this inspiring and challenging new journey, willing to face challenging tasks, developing applied research and technology in an international environment, and in collaboration with big academic and industrial players.

There are not any  job openings at the moment