Our Philosophy

Our Approach

At Deeplab we design and implement custom machine-learning solutions, human-computer interfaces, and data analytic frameworks. We deal with sensors and data captured or streamed in by cameras, mobile phones and wearables, and build systems that learn, recognize, classify, detect, perform analysis and extract valuable information content.

Can one apply machine learning on multitudes of data from high-tech sensors to create custom solutions, meeting real, actual every-day needs? We respond “yes”, by focusing on your specific needs; based on our team, expertise and core technologies, we offer state-of-the-art solutions as described in our services. Check the provided use-cases, or ask for a new solution.

We enjoy finding, designing and implementing solutions, built to have direct impact out there.

Our Vision

We envision bringing to the public custom intelligent solutions. Our priority is to deal with real problems across interdisciplinary domains and applications. Our services can be coupled with the knowledge of experts and the dreams of enthusiasts combining state-of-the-art research in machine learning, data analytics, high-tech sensors and human-computer interfaces. Application areas include, but are not restricted to: daily life, education, business, art, entertainment, healthcare and assistive living.

These solutions can provide new perspectives, by introducing new tools into the professional, business, personal and daily workflow. We are convinced that several business or end-user daily tasks and activities can be reinvented to boost productivity, education, entertainment, assistive living, and so on.

The above would be hard to be accomplished without the input of everyday people and experts. We view you or your business, as an expert in the field of your everyday accomplishing tasks, or towards your plans and dreams for the future.

Let’s explore these new perspectives. The only limit is our imagination.