Empower biological research with deep expertise in machine learning and data science. Move beyond basic technology services to form a partnership focused on innovation. Harness the latest advancements in AI.

Engineered to analyze vast datasets, uncover complex hidden patterns, and predict outcomes with unprecedented accuracy. Transform data into groundbreaking health insights and real-world breakthroughs.

Drug Discovery with Virtual Screening

DENVIS Elevate Drug Discovery: Unlock the power of advanced AI-driven virtual screening with DENVIS. Find potential drugs for your specific targets faster and more efficiently than ever before, reducing research time and costs.

A geometric deep learning framework performing virtual screening of a staggering 1 billion molecules in just a few days to identify drugs for targets of interest. Read More

DENVIS-opt  Optimize Your Path to Superior Drug Candidates: Improve drug properties and increase your chances of success in the pharmaceutical industry with precision drug optimization.

A geometric deep learning framework performing lead optimization to improve drug properties, increasing their efficacy, reducing potential side effects, and improving their pharmacokinetic profiles.



Single cell & Omics solutions

Deep-ID: Interpretable Personalized Medicine: Deep-ID empowers precision medicine with cutting-edge AI. Uncover the factors that differentiate medical conditions across diverse data sources.

A generic interpretable advanced machine learning-powered framework serving precision medicine challenges on multiple data modalities including omics and prior biological knowledge and answering which factors differentiate the conditions of interest.

Could also account for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic models. Can be used on single or multi-omics in a bulk or a single cell approach.


pCCI: Navigate the Cancer Maze: pCCI taps into the tumor and its microenvironment to predict cancer subtypes. Make informed decisions in cancer treatment planning with confidence and precision.

An interpretable machine learning-powered framework exploiting the tumor and its microenvironment to predict the cancer subtype of a patient pinpointing to specific ligand-receptor pairs and cell-cell communication patterns.

Can be extended to the prediction of other outcomes, phenotypes, or patient subgroups of interest.

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Mask-cscGAN: Create Realistic Cells: Mask-cscGAN brings synthetic cells to life with single-cell RNA-seq gene expressions. Accelerate research in biology and genomics by generating realistic cell data for your experiments.

A generative AI framework for realistic synthetic cells generation in terms of single cell RNA-seq gene expressions.

Could be used  to generate realistic synthetic data of other data types, even representations of virtual patients for virtual clinical trials.

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Wellness Products


Deep-BCI: Unlock the Mind's Potential: Experience the future of human-computer interaction with Deep-BCI. Control technology effortlessly with your thoughts using non-invasive EEG data. Explore a world where your mind is the interface.

A system with a non-invasive Brain Computer Interface with ElectroEncephalogram (EEG) data that uses motor imagery, where the user imagines specific movements, which are then translated into commands to control applications on a computer.

Can be employed  to control applications, including web browsers and integrated with virtual reality applications. It can also be used for predicting epileptic seizures , affective monitoring for mental health and neuromarketing to understand consumer behavior.

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