"Get together workshops": Round 2

After the success of the previous get together workshop it was about time to reunite and kick off the new season with a high- yielding get together workshop week!

Autumn is the beginning of a new season where we all set goals, personally and professionally and that was the case and the main objective of that workshop week! Discussions, subgroup presentations from the internal teams of vision & language, bioexplore, recommender systems and interns,  bonding enhancement along with fresh fruits, savory/ sweet snacks and various lunch options every day were the spotlights of the week!

In addition, during this second workshop we had the distinct pleasure to host our beloved collaborators from the Taboola team devoting quality time to project updates, brainstorming, research mindset and fun! Those three days were extremely constructive for all of us which led to new project directions and a very promising future!

Tune in for the next one!

Stavros Theodorakis, CEO & Founder during his presentation.
Stavros Theodorakis, CEO & Founder during his presentation.
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