Empower your business with deep intelligence
to make better decisions.

Our expertise

Production-grade ML infra and algorithmic solutions.

Machine Learning Infrastructure

We design and develop scalable ML infrastructure solutions employing cutting-edge technology. We productize your ideas in terms of ML, providing a fast and easy experimentation lifecycle allowing focus on what matters most: the algorithmic solution.

Applied Machine Learning

Production-grade algorithmic solutions for your product. We are working with companies and products serving billions of users, producing big data to optimise the KPIs that cares most, providing clear added value and competitive advantage.


Machine Learning Research

We continuously invest in core machine learning and Deep learning (DL) research. We are pushing the research boundaries to new frontiers such as Transfer, Continual Learning, as well as from the point of view of applications such as Computer Vision and Language.

Production-grade ML infrastructure and AI algorithmic solutions for large scale products, research and analytics.

We work with large scale products that serve billions of users producing big data (e.g. >1B requests per day). We design and develop scalable cutting-edge ML infrastructure pipelines for fast and easy ML offline/online research and experimentation, model tracking, orchestration, computing resources allocation, CI/CD workflows, model deployment and performance monitoring. In our algorithmic backbone we employ deep neural networks (DNN) together with our wide experience towards bringing clear competitive advantage to your product. Employing the above we build innovative AI powered solutions in areas such as recommender systems, cyber security, fraud detection and prevention, pricing optimization, automotive driver behavior modeling and stock market price modeling and forecasting.

Our Projects

Let’s envision and redesign your product in the AI era.

Re-envision your product’s lifecycle in AI era, by leveraging world-class ML expertise and industrial experience. We plan with you or for you an AI adoption strategy building on the unique strengths and expertise of your business. By employing state-of-the-art in-house ML tools account for the hidden technical debt of ML (Sculley et al., 2015), providing the necessary ML infrastructure required for large scalable products accompanied with the algorithmic solution to get clear competitive advantage. Together we will work to assemble your data & technology and train your people to fully adopt ML into your product.